In our training center we not only have an International Level Campus for the training of future pilots, but our latest generation aircraft allow training to be comprehensive, that is, the student as part of a process for the operation of the airlines and not just fly an aircraft.

At Infinitum, we can offer different solutions, for the aviation industry, training centers and universities that do not have the infrastructure to carry out the practice of flight instruction.



  • » Perfect location for an airline roadshow from March to November.
  • » Competitive running costs in Punta del Este.
  • » A turnkey solution for pilots, flight attendant and brokers.
  • » Flight attendant recruitment through our training center.
  • » Pilot recruitment through our training center.


  • » The training is designed to train the right candidate who meets the criteria and requirements of the airlines.
  • » Our highly trained students will guarantee cost savings, maximizing the return on investment and increasing the productivity of your aircraft fleet.
  • » Our academy is in a position to enter into exclusive agreements with airlines and pilots to ensure the number of pilots in the coming years.


  • » Infrastructure for your processes in our training center.
  • » Flexible business models.
  • » Pilots to cover the needs of your company.
  • » Our location is ideal for handling large groups of pilots including all accommodation and logistics services.
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