Infinitum offers solutions to the air transport industry to meet the business needs.


We have an outstanding team to deliver the best pilots for the next generation of commercial aviation, our Head Manager is a Captain with almost 18,000 hours flown in wide body and long-haul airline’s network with a vast experience in USA, Europe, Middle East and Latin America, holding an FAA/EASA pilot license.

Our team’s background is based on experiences in different subject matters, experts in areas such as flight instruction in commercial airlines, quality assurance and quality of improvement for commercial airlines; we count on great pilots instructors with strong abilities and more than 8,000 hours of experience to teach and transfer the knowledge of flight, operation and safety.


What is our objective?

Be a recognized Aviation Centre of excellence in our region for the aviation of the future, providing solutions with the latest technologies learning methodologies for the air transport industry, with focus on safety and keep improving the operational standards to the next level



What are our values?

Infinitum offers the highest educational standards and solutions for the air transport industry.

Safety, quality and efficiency are our core values at the Infinitum Aviation Academy. A safety aviation it is not possible without having a high quality programs in order to deliver the best in class education for the students. We are committed with our role and responsibility in this industry, we know and understand the “behind the scene” for running a flight operation. Because of that reason, we invest in our team members to ensure that the passion is not the only asset in our company, our team members know that the most valuable capital at Infinitum is safety in the air and at the ground.

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