Tecnam P2002JF

  • » The P2002 JF is a low wing, side-by-side two-seater aircraft with fixed landing gear. The P2002 JF is characterized by its superlative performance and flight qualities.
  • » The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for pilot training in flight schools, but it also makes it ideal as a patrol and surveillance platform, and of course for tourist flights.
  • » Many flight academies around the world trust the basic training of their student-pilots in the P2002 JF airplane (certified according to the CS-VLA standard and validated in several other countries). Many of them continue their training towards ATPL (airline transport pilot's license) with the Tecnam P2006T.

Tecnam P2006T

  • » The Tecnam P2006T is a four-seater twin-engine aircraft with retractable landing gear. The high wing configuration offers stability, excellent visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage.
  • » The P2006T offers better performance, greater cabin comfort, and due to the possibility of using automotive fuel, lower operating costs. It is the first and only time that four-seater single engines can be compared to a four-seater twin-engine due to their similar weights and power specifications.
  • » The P2006T has the best power-to-weight ratio (0.36) among its direct competitors. This fact is attributable to the excellent weight / power ratio that Rotax engines offer, and the high level of efficiency of their structures and systems.
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